Simple and easy are two different things, the method to weight loss is very simple. Eat less and move more however actually following this process is hard.

How do I know this? Well I was overweight throughout my life, I tried several quick fixes but through trial and error I eventually realised that it really didn’t have to be that tough. It was simply a formula of eating less and moving more.

“If it is that simple then why do so many people struggle?”

I could list numerous reasons here but the two main issue is starting and having the right mind-set. Making any change in our life is a big decision because we realise that it means making ourselves uncomfortable. Most of us would rather stay in a position which could be a job, relationship or our bodies that we’re not happy with, if it means we are comfortable. After losing over 100lb with no assistance I can honestly tell you that anyone who has successfully lost weight and maintained it has had to change their mind-set. The way they view themselves, their relationship with food, their thought process around being active. It all has to change in order to start and continue claiming your health back.

Let me help you get started, I will show you that a proper diet and nutrition will get you results. Sick and tired of starting over? Then let me help you change your fatitude.